To verify learning of the subject described in the text, an online test environment is made available consisting of multiple-choice questions characterised as follows:

  • the verification is carried out chapter by chapter;
  • each chapter includes a variable number of questions which are proposed in random sequence;
  • each question includes 3 or 4 answers, of which one, the correct one, has a score of 1, while the others have a neutral (0) or negative (-0.5 or -1) score, so that the algebraic sum of the associated scores to the 3 or 4 answers of the question is 0;
  • it is also possible to omit an answer so as not to alter the score obtained up to that moment;
  • the test can be interrupted at any time, even before all the questions in the chapter have been exhausted;
  • upon exhaustion of the questions in the chapter, or upon interruption of the test, the overall score achieved up to that moment is received.

NOTE: the test relating to chapter 3A is presented in both the full version and the reduced version (no performance) having excluded in the latter case the questions related to the numerical evaluation of the line protocol performance

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3A (without performance)
Chapter 3B
Chapter 3C
Chapter 3D
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8